SNPMace – A meta-analysis to estimate SNP effects by combining results from multiple countries

M.E. Goddard, A. Jighly, H. Benhajali, H. Jorjani, Z. Liu


Selection of bulls and cows is increasingly made on genomic estimated breeding values (GEBVs) calculated from their SNP genotypes and the estimated effects of each SNP. To obtain the most accurate GEBVs a large training population of animals with phenotypes and genotypes is needed. For some traits, some breeds and some countries such a large training population is not available. In these cases it would increase the accuracy of GEBVs if information from multiple countries and breeds were combined. This paper describes a meta-analysis to combine SNP effects from multiple countries. A project to test this procedure is under way and, if successful, may result in a new Interbull service.


SNPMace; genomic evaluation; GEBVs; bull; cow; SNP effects; meta-analysis; multiple countries

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