Use of MACE results as input for genomic models


  • Z Liu


With genotype exchanges between countries genomic evaluations have to be based on phenotypic information from international conventional MACE evaluation. As dependent variable of genomic model, bulls’ deregressed MACE EBV are usually used in SNP effect or DGV estimation. Corresponding to the deregressed proofs, EDC or daughter reliability contributed by all domestic and foreign daughters need to calculated as well. For routine prediction of GEBV of young candidate animals, parental average or male pedigree index and their associated reliabilities need to be calculated using the most recent conventional MACE evaluation. At the Interbull Technical Workshop on Genomics held in Guelph, Canada, March 2011, a group of animal geneticists discussed on the use of MACE results as input for genomic models. The group focused on four main questions, which were then discussed in a following plenary discussion. Different statistical methods have been applied by countries to obtain the deregressed MACE proofs and their reliabilities or EDC. All member countries and Interbull centre were encouraged to exchange their experience, statistical procedures, and computer software to make the best use of conventional MACE evaluation results for own genomic prediction.