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The Interbull Bulletin has become a well known reference for genetic evaluation of bovine cattle worldwide. It contains the state-of-the-art in genetic evaluation methods, as well as the most recent information on national and international implementations. Authors have an ideal forum to discuss new ideas and to challenge current genetic models. Following the Interbull Bulletin over the years presents a rich opportunity to understand how the current models were developed and how new traits were incorporated into genetic evaluations.

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No 53 (2018): Proceedings of the 2018 Interbull meeting

Auckland, New Zealand, February 10-12 2018

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Integration of foreign estimates of SNP effects into a domestic SNPBLUP PDF
Jeremie Vandenplas
Effect of heat stress on production traits of Holstein cattle in Japan: parameter estimation using test-day records of first parity and genome wide markers PDF
Genetic parameters of immune response estimated using genetically divergent lines of Holstein-Friesian dairy heifers PDF
Matthew Price, Mark Camara, Jeremy Bryant, Talia Grala, Susanne Meier, Chris Burke
Validating Genomic Reliabilities and Gains from Phenotypic Updates PDF
Paul M VanRaden, Jeff R O'Connell
Methods for Discovering and Validating Relationships Among Genotyped Animals PDF
Lillian Bacheller, Lillian Bacheller, Lillian Bacheller
Alternative use of Somatic Cells Counts in genetic selection for mastitis resistance: a new estimated breeding value for Italian Holstein breed PDF
The use of genetic selection to improve herd reproductive performance of dairy cattle in Northern Victoria, Australia: preliminary results PDF
Ee Cheng Ooi
A novel, comprehensive genetic and management initiative to reduce the environmental impact of New Zealand dairy cattle PDF
Mark David Camara
Tuning indirect predictions based on SNP effects from single-step GBLUP PDF
Daniela A. L. Lourenco
Genomics in the U.S. Dairy Industry: current and future challenges PDF
Ezequiel Luis Nicolazzi, Joao Durr, George Wiggans
Changes to the genetic evaluation of fertility in Irish dairy cattle PDF
Katarzyna Stachowicz, Gemma Jenkins, Peter Amer, Donagh Berry, Margaret Kelleher, Francis Kearney, Ross Evans, Andrew Cromie
Efficient computation of base generation allele frequencies PDF
M.N. Aldridge, J. Vandenplas, M.P.L. Calus
Implementation of genomic evaluation for digital dermatitis in Canada PDF
Francecsa Malchiodi, Janusz Jamrozik, Anne-Marie Christen, Gerrit Kistemaker, Pete Sullivan, Brian Van Doormaal, David Kelton, Flavio Schenkel, Filippo Miglior
Genetic parameters for health traits using farmer recorded data in the Netherlands and Flanders PDF
Jorien Vosman, Mathijs van Pelt, Gerben de Jong
Improved genetic evaluation of health traits using metabolic biomarkers in Nordic dairy cattle PDF
Elisenda Rius-Vilarrasa
Genetic relation between antibody response and faecal shedding of MAP in dairy cattle PDF
Lydia de Haer
Genetic and genomic evaluation of claw health traits in Spanish dairy cattle PDF ()
Noureddine CHARFEDDINE, Ivan Yánez, Maria Angeles Pérez-Cabal
Approximation of Reliability in Single Step Models using the Interbull Standardized Genomic Reliability Method PDF
Malena Erbe, Christian Edel, Eduardo CG Pimentel, Jörg Dodenhoff, Kay-Uwe Götz
Mendelian Sampling variance tests with genomic preselection PDF ()
Peter G Sullivan

ISSN: 2001-340X