No 50 (2016)

Proceedings of the 2016 Interbull Meeting

Puerto Varas, Chile, October 24-28 2016

Table of Contents


Genetic evaluation for feed intake in the Netherlands and Flanders, impact on efficiency and responses PDF
Gerben de Jong
Genetic correlations for claw health traits between Nordic countries and the Netherlands PDF
Jorien Vosman
Genetic Evaluation for Resistance to Metabolic Diseases in Canadian Dairy Breeds PDF
Janusz Jamrozik, Gerrit Kistemaker, Brian Van Doormaal, Alison Fleming, Astrid Koeck, Filippo Miglior
Accuracy and bias of genomic prediction for second-generation candidates PDF
Zengting Liu, Hatem Alkhoder, Friedrich Reinhardt, Reinhard Reents
SNP based parentage verification via constraint non-linear optimisation PDF
Vinzent Boerner, Robert Banks
Value of selecting for cow and calf livability PDF
Paul M VanRaden, Jan R. Wright, Melvin E. Tooker, H. Duane Norman
Genomic prediction using haplotypes in Brown Swiss PDF
Franz Seefried
Genetic evaluation of carcass traits in dairy cattle PDF
Julie Promp
Application of various models for the genomic evaluation of bovine tuberculosis in dairy cattle PDF
Raphael Mrode
Genetic parameters for body weight, body condition score and lameness in Austrian dairy cows PDF
Astrid Köck, Birgit Fuerst-Waltl, Franz Steininger, Christa Egger-Danner
GénoSanté: Improving productive health of dairy cows by genomic selection and management: A first step with ketosis PDF
Sophie Mattalia
Selection of sequence variants to improve genomic predictions PDF
Jeffrey O'Connell, Melvin Tooker, Derek Bickhart, Paul VanRaden
Lameness evaluations for the UK dairy industry PDF
Alex Brown, Fern Pearston, Raphael Mrode, Karolina Kaseja, Marco Winters
Managing genetic groups in single-step genomic evaluations applied on female fertility traits in Nordic Red Dairy cattle PDF
Kaarina Matilainen, Minna Koivula, Ismo Strandén, Gert P Aamand, Esa A Mäntysaari
Progress toward incorporating residual feed intake into the New Zealand national breeding objective for dairy cattle: Genetic parameters in half-sib 6-9 month old Friesian bulls and heifers PDF
Muyiwa Olayemi, Mark David Camara, Kevin Macdonald, Barbara Dow, Susanne Meier, Jeremy Bryant
Youngstock survival in Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation PDF
Emma Carlen, Jørn Pedersen, Jukka Pösö, Jan-Åke Eriksson, Ulrik Sander Nielsen, Gert Pedersen Aamand
Defining a Parameter Space for GMACE PDF
Peter G Sullivan
Parentage Analysis Services for Dairy Cattle in Canada PDF
Brian J. Van Doormaal
Hybrid one-step genomic evaluation system for the Italian Simmental breed PDF
Daniele Vicario, Lorenzo Degano, Gerald Jansen, Raffaella Finocchiaro, Attilio Rossoni
Jana Obsteter

ISSN: 2001-340X