Moving away from progeny test schemes: consequences on conventional (inter)national evaluations


  • V Ducrocq
  • E Santus


Genomic selection is already impacting performance recording in some countries, because extensive data recording at the national level is no longer a prerequisite for genetic evaluations. Collection of type traits receives decreasing attention as corresponding economic incentives have decreased. In contrast, renewed interest is being paid to health traits and/or to data collected automatically at the farm level. These changes induce a segmentation of dairy herds in at least two groups: herds with high quality, possibly subsidized data recording, and commercial herds. For new phenotypes, international (female) reference populations will be needed. Hence, Interbull has a major role to play to facilitate phenotyping and genomic evaluations on these new traits. Its strategic responsibility to ensure fair comparison and smooth circulation of information at the international level is reinforced.