Bias in Proofs of Non-random Used Sires

Irma Johanna Pauline Vermeer, Jorien Vosman, Gerben de Jong


Selling sperm of genomic elite bulls for high prices, is something that can be seen more and more in the industry. Because of the high prices, these genomic bulls are mated with the best of the available heifers and cows, mostly in the form of embryo transfer (ET). Furthermore, offspring of these young genomic bulls possibly don’t receive the same treatment as livestock with less potential would receive. The consequence of using these bulls non-randomly, can be an overestimation of the (first) breeding value(s) of the bull.
In this study no obvious effects were found of the percentage of daughters born from embryo transfer on the breeding values of the bull. The results even suggest a very mild underestimation of the breeding values which have the highest percentage of daughters born from embryo transfer, not an overestimation.


Elite; Bulls; Embryo transfer; Bias

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