CDCB's Genotyping Laboratory Certification Program


  • José Carrillo Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding
  • George Wiggans Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding
  • Ezequiel Nicolazzi Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding
  • Kaori Tokuhisa Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding
  • Duane Norman Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding
  • João Dürr Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding


Recent technological advances allow a large number of animals to be genotyped in a short period of time at relatively low cost. This, along with the long-term benefits generated when accurate information is obtained and used properly has led to a continuous increase in the number of genotypes received and processed by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB). The exponential growth in the amount of data exchanged periodically presents a challenge for adequate quality control. It is well known that the quality of raw data is critical for producing accurate results; therefore, the CDCB has developed a customized Quality Control System designed for evaluating genotyping laboratories. The goal of this program is to assist the laboratories in improving the quality of their submissions and protecting the integrity of CDCB’s database. The CDCB only accepts data from laboratories that meet and comply with all the established certification requirements. Currently, the CDCB accepts genotypes directly from seven certified laboratories. Each one is strictly monitored, and a monthly report card is provided to summarize the laboratory’s performance. The report card includes six metrics, which are divided into two categories, critical or major, based on their significance. Each of these metrics has a threshold that has been derived from the data. A laboratory must provide an explanation for any failed metric on a monthly basis, which is evaluated by CDCB staff and will be considered with the lab’s overall performance during the Annual Review. The Annual Review, implemented in 2018, determines the laboratory’s certification status as one of certified, conditional, provisional, or decertified. Any provisional laboratory that fails to obtain or maintain the CDCB certification has the right to appeal the decision within 10 business days of notification. We expect this system to ensure the integrity of the data and the quality of service and products provided by the CDCB.