Traceability control of data for the genetic evaluation of Friesian Holstein cattle with 50K SNPs microarrays in Spain


  • J A Bouzada
  • J M Lozano
  • M R Maya
  • B Ossorio
  • A Trigo
  • M Madrid
  • P Parody
  • T Mayoral
  • E Anadón
  • C Gómez-Tejedor


cattle, traceability, microarrays, SNPs


Verify the identity of samples before being genotyped in microarray analysis avoids then should be discarded if an incorrect identification is detected, or that may distort the findings. Carrying out these previous controls saves time and money, two very important factors when making analysis by microarrays. Identity verification of samples can be done using genealogical data and microsatellite markers information when is available, for the animals chosen to be included in the microarrays analysis. Finally, it is also interesting to compare data from genotypes obtained with microarrays to assess the reliability of genealogical information available, as well as the genotypes obtained themselves.