Selection of young sires in genomic breeding programs


  • S König
  • T Yin
  • M Wensch-Dorendorf
  • H H Swalve


Stochastic simulations were performed to evaluate a variety of scenarios to select young sires in genomic breeding programs. Scenarios included variation of accuracies of genomic breeding values and h2 in combination with selection intensities and different types of pre-selection. For conventional methods as done in the past, i.e. contracting bull dams and using their male offspring for AI, true breeding values of selected sires were substantially lower and their inbreeding coefficients were higher compared to direct selection of genotyped male calves. For all types of pre-selection, it is imperative to genotype male calves, even if genomic breeding values of parents are available. Selection intensity of young sires remains a crucial point also in the genomic era for generating genetic gain.