The German-Austrian genomic evaluation system for Fleckvieh (Siemmental) cattle


  • C Edel
  • H Hamann
  • S Neuner
  • R Emmerling
  • K U Götz


In December 2010 a routine application for genomic breeding value estimation in the German-Austrian Fleckvieh population was established that is conducted monthly. Since August 2011 the evaluation system is ICAR proven and combined genomic breeding values (GEBV) have now become official. Genomic breeding values are estimated for a total of 45 traits. A special aspect of the current implementation is the division of labor between the three evaluation-centers in Bavaria, Austria and Baden-Württemberg that follows the joint alpine collaboration in conventional breeding value estimation. Starting from a central preparation step for genotypes, results are propagated to the partners for the estimation of genomic breeding values for their specific traits. A two step approach with method G-BLUP based on the use of a genomic relationship matrix is used for all traits. Results of the current validation show a substantial gain in realized reliabilities from genomic breeding values over the reliabilities of the simple parent-average. However, gains do not reach values reported for the Holstein population at a comparable size of the calibration sample, which is probably an effect of the significantly larger effective population size in Fleckvieh.