Combining genomic and conventional data in the Dutch national evaluation


  • W M Stoop
  • H Eding
  • M L van Pelt
  • G de Jong


In 2010, the Netherlands introduced Genomically Enhanced Breeding Values (GEBV) in their national evaluation. These GEBV were based on a post-processing step. For further optimization, a very basic method is proposed to incorporate the DGV based on genomic data directly into the conventional breeding value estimation: mass-selection.

The DGV are transformed to pseudo-observations which are analyzed as correlated trait (to the trait of interest) with a mass-selection model. The correlation between the trait of interest and this pseudo-trait is 1, and the heritability of the pseudo-trait is set to the predictive value of the DGV (estimated from cross-validation). In this way the pseudo-trait EBVaffects the EBV of the trait of interest of genotyped individuals, which in turn affects the EBV of relatives, effectively dropping the genomic information down the pedigrees of the trait of interest.

Results for a testrun on Udder health data are shown as application of this method.