Genomic predictions for production - and Functional Traits in Norwegian Red from BLUP analyses of imputed 54K and 777K SNP data


  • T R Solberg
  • B Heringstad
  • M Svendsen
  • H Grove
  • T H.E Meuwissen


Imputation, genomic selection, SNP chip, predictive ability


Three different SNP chips have been used for genotyping of Norwegian Red bulls, Affymetrix 25K, Illumina 54K, and Illumina HD 777K. To facilitate imputation, 384 key animals were genotyped with all three SNP chips. The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of prediction for 20 traits in Norwegian Red, based on imputed 25K/54K data and imputed 25K/54K/777K data. A total of 2,937 progeny tested Norwegian Red bulls had SNP data and the total number of markers in the analysis after editing was 46,512 for the imputed 25K/54K data and 598,036 for the imputed 25K/54K/777K data. The correlation between DYD and predicted breeding value ranged from 0.10 to 0.70, highest for milk production traits, and lowest for health- and fertility traits. The correlations increased only marginally when using the imputed 25K/54K/777K data compared to using 25K/54K data.