Impact of including a large number of female genotypes on genomic selection


  • Bevin Lyal Harris LIC
  • Anne M Winkelman LIC
  • David L Johnson LIC


genetic evaluation, genomics


A method to calculate genomically enhanced breeding values (BVs) for LIC’s in-house genomic evaluation system has been assessed. The method is a hybrid single-step (SS) method of incorporating information from the pedigree-based and the genomic relationship matrices into the mixed model equations. The predictions of the test bulls obtained using the SS method were approximately 5% more accurate than those obtained from the current two-step genomic evaluation system. The hybrid SS method produced BVs that were 20 to 30% less inflated than those of the current system. To compare the bias and accuracy of including just the female genotypes independent of method changes, the hybrid method was used where only sire genotypes were included. The inclusion of the female genotypes gave small improvements in both the bias and accuracy in the validation results.

Author Biographies

Bevin Lyal Harris, LIC

Science Leader

Research and Development

Anne M Winkelman, LIC

Senior Scientist

David L Johnson, LIC

Senior Scientist