Genomic breeding values for claw health in Norwegian Red


  • Cecilie Ødegård
  • Morten Svendsen
  • Bjørg Heringstad


claw health, genomic breeding value, dairy cow


The aim was to evaluate reliability of genomic predicted breeding values for claw health in Norwegian Red cows. The following claw disorders recorded at claw trimming were analyzed: Corkscrew claw, infectious claw disorders (including heel horn erosion, dermatitis and interdigital phlegmon), laminitis related claw disorders (including sole ulcer, white line disorder and haemorrhage of sole and white line) and overall claw disorder (including all claw disorders reported at claw trimming). Genomic breeding values were predicted using GBLUP and reliability of genomic prediction was assessed by a 10-fold cross-validation. The mean reliabilities of genomic breeding values ranged from 0.39 to 0.65 for the 4 traits, with standard deviations 0.08 – 0.13. Increased reference population and increased number of daughters with claw health records per sire are needed to improve the reliabilities. However, the reliabilities obtained were high compared to reliabilities reported for genomic predictions of other traits in Norwegian Red.