Estimation of genetic parameters of fertility traits, for virgin heifers in The Netherlands


  • Lydia de Haer CRV The Netherlands


fertility traits, heritabilities, genetic correlations, virgin heifers, cows


Genetic parameters for fertility traits of virgin heifers were estimated. Traits are: non-return at 56 days (NR56), interval between first and last insemination (IFL), conception rate (CR) and age at first insemination (AFI). Heritabilities for NR56, IFL and CR ranged between 0.01 and 0.02, heritability for AFI was 0.23. Genetic correlations between NR56, IFL and CR for virgin heifers were moderate to strong (absolute values between 0.6 and 0.9) and favourable. Genetic correlations between same traits, measured in virgin heifers or measured in cows, are moderate and indicate that these traits are to be considered as different traits. For international genetic evaluation in MACE, NR56 as well as CR are candidate traits for the virgin heifer fertility trait (T1).

Author Biography

Lydia de Haer, CRV The Netherlands

senior researcher Animal Evaluation Unit (AEU)