International genetic evaluation of calving traits in beef cattle


  • Pavel Bucek Czech Moravian Breeders´ Corporation, Inc.


Interbeef, calving traits, International genetic evaluation, birth weights, calving ease, stillbirth, Charolaise, Limousine


For some time now, international genetic evaluation has been available for dairy cattle in Interbull. It was also found that beef cattle breeders want to have tools for the decision making on how to find the best animals from all available countries. Interbeef actually works with adjusted weaning weights and there are several research teams for other traits. A research team from the Czech Republic will be responsible for the research of calving traits. Research of calving traits in the Czech Republic is focused on two pure breeds – Charolaise and Limousine and three traits – birth weights (BWT), calving ease (CAE) and stillbirth (STB). Research of calving traits started in August 2013 and it is planned to finish in August 2014. The highest share of animals with performance is from France - 96.43% of animals for birth weights and 92.27% for calving ease. Other countries have a smaller share of animals with the performance. There are a different number of traits. Some of the countries record only selective traits or none at all. A similar situation was found for Limousine in the case of the number of animals with performance. In this situation, France will also play a very important role. In comparison, there were available fewer animals than the Charolaise. On the basis of the previous information, it is possible to conclude that animals are mostly from France. There is unbalance among the number of animals and it will be necessary to take this into account during the estimation of genetic parameters. It is expected that connectedness will be mostly through the French bulls. The best approach for the estimation of genetic correlation will be to include three countries and of which one will be France which will maintain connectedness.