A Mendelian sampling model for genetic prediction


  • Clement Carré UR631- INTA Toulouse IMT - Universite de Toulouse
  • Fabrice Gamboa IMT - Université de Toulouse
  • David Cros AGAP - CIRAD Montpellier
  • Gregor Gorjanc University of Ljubljana
  • eduardo Manfredi UR631- INRA Toulouse


Genetic prediction, Genomic selection, SNP, Mendelian sampling


Genetic prediction for complex traits is usually based on models including individual or marker effects. Alternatively, models can include both the individual and the marker effects. In particular, we studied a model combining effects for base individuals, realized Mendelian sampling in descendants and marker effects. The predictive ability of this model, measured as the correlation between true (simulated) and predicted genetic values, was similar to that of the marker model. As expected, the Mendelian sampling model was worthwhile when markers captured a low fraction of total genetic variance.