International beef evaluation for Carcass traits


  • Fernando Macedo


Since the early 1990s, different initiatives have emerged worldwide to establish beef across-countries genetic evaluations. The experiences involving Ireland, France and the UK served as a precursor for today's Interbeef Working Group (WG). Interbeef is a WG of ICAR and offers, through the Interbull Centre, international beef cattle evaluation services for 12 countries, five breeds and three trait groups including adjusted weaning weight (aww), calving (calv), and since 2023, also carcass (carc). The evaluation of carcass traits has been an objective of Interbeef WG since its origin. The results of a survey carried out in 2014 verifying the status of this group of traits at the European level, determined that the main traits to be included in the evaluation would be carcass weight, fat and conformation. The first data call was carried out in 2018, and after several research evaluations and modifications to the model, a final pilot evaluation was performed in December 2022. The results were considered satisfactory, and the evaluation of carcass traits became a routine service run starting in October 2023.