Single-step genomic predictions of a minor breed, concurrently with the national genomic evaluations of main breeds.



Farmers, maintaining indigenous cattle breeds, are typically lacking accurate (G)EBV for their animals. Finnish local cattle breed (Finncattle, FIC) in 2019 presented less than 1% of milk recorded cows of the country. Breeding values for FIC are calculated jointly with Red Dairy Cattle (RDC) of Finland, Denmark, and Sweden (DFS). To perform joint GEBV prediction for FIC and RDC breeds, we propose a single-step GTBLUP approach with metafounders (MF). We used genomic data from 917 FIC and 168 476 RDC animals and test-day milk records from FIC and RDC cows. Originally assigned 137 unknown parent groups were replaced by 137 MF with and the meta-founder relationships were derived using co-variance functions.