No 20 (1999)

Proceedings of the computational cattle breeding '99 workshop

Tuusula, Finland, March 18-20 1999

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
J Juga
The CEBUS project: history and overview PDF
M Larsen, P Madsen 3
Attacking the problem of scalability in parallel Gauss-Seidel and Jacobi solvers for mixed model equations PDF
P Madsen, M Larsen 11
Fast and flexible program for genetic evaluation in dairy cattle PDF
M Lindauer, I Strandén 20
Parallel benefits in test day evaluations PDF
I Stradén 26
Complex models, more data: simpler programming? PDF
I Misztal 33
A brief bibliography of recent research and software for the parallel solution of large sparse linear equations PDF
I S Duff 43
Benefits of parallel processing in stochastic simulations of fish breeding programs PDF
I Olesen, J Amundsen 47
Posterior explorations of Markov chains in Bayesian analysis of discrete finite mixture models PDF
P M Saama 51
MCMC based estimation of variance components in a very large dairy cattle data set PDF
L Janss, G de Jong 63
Prospects for statistical methods in dairy cattle breeding PDF
R Thompson, E A Mäntysaari 71
Multivariate Bayesian analysis of Gaussian, right censored Gaussian, ordered categorical and binary traits using Gibbs sampling PDF
I R Korsgaard, M S Lund, D Sorensen, D Gianola, P Madsen, J Jensen 79
Iterative solution of random regression models by sequential estimation of regressions and effects on regressions PDF
N Gengler, A Tijani, G R Wiggans 93
The structure of the residual error variance of test day milk yield in random regression models PDF
V E Olori, W G Hill, S Brotherstone 103
Future development in genetic evaluation of Danish dairy cattle PDF
J Pedersen, G E Pedersen, U S Nielsen, P Madsen 109
Impact of national evaluation models on international comparisons PDF
U Emanuelson, F Fikse, G Banos 115

ISSN: 2001-340X