No 51 (2017)

Proceedings of the 2017 Interbull Meeting

Tallinn, Estonia, August 25 - 28 2017

Table of Contents


Genetic parameters of cow functional survival and correlations with predictor conformation and farmer-opinion traits with recommendations for genetic evaluation PDF
Katarzyna Stachowicz, Cheryl Quinton, Stefan Meyer, Peter Amer, Claire Phyn
A new model for the genetic evaluation for longevity in German Holsteins PDF
Helge Täubert, Johannes Heise, Friedrich Reinhardt, Reinhard Reents
Interbull: Constructing International Commensurability for Dairy Cattle Selection PDF
Lidia Chavinskaia
Effects of Selective Genotyping and Selective Imputation in Single-Step GBLUP PDF
Christian Edel, Eduardo Pimentel, Laura Plieschke, Reiner Emmerling, Kay-Uwe Götz
Genomics in small populations: the MRY breed PDF
Marianne Stoop, Gosse Veninga, Gerben de Jong, Fritz Reinhardt
Validation of genomic and genetic evaluations in 305d production traits of Nordic Holstein cattle PDF
Minna Koivula, Ismo Strandén, Gert Pedersen Aamand, Esa Mäntysaari
Improving the genetic evaluation for longevity in the Netherlands PDF
Mathijs van Pelt
Studies on inflation of GEBV in single-step GBLUP for type PDF
Ignacy Misztal
Bias in Proofs of Non-random Used Sires PDF
Irma Johanna Pauline Vermeer, Jorien Vosman, Gerben de Jong
Options for incorporating feed intake into national selection indexes PDF
Stefan Meyer, Peter Amer, Christine Baes, Filippo Miglior, Caeli Richardson, Eileen Wall, Mike Coffey
Evaluation of Conception Rate in Nordic Dairy Cattle PDF
Anna-Maria Tyrisevä
Cow Reference Population – Benefit for Genomic Evaluation System and Farmers PDF
Stefan Rensing, Hatem Alkhoder, Christian Kubitz, Sven Schierenbeck, Dierck Segelke
Upgrading dairy cattle evaluation system in Russian Federation. PDF
Andrei Andreevich Kudinov
Approximating genomic reliabilities for national genomic evaluation PDF
Zengting Liu
Impact of adding cows to the current EuroGenomics bull reference population on genomic prediction PDF
Zengting Liu
GenTORE: Genomic Management Tools to Optimise Resilience and Efficiency PDF
Nicolas Friggens, Cagla Kaya, Antonius Roozen

ISSN: 2001-340X