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The Interbull Bulletin has become a well known reference for genetic evaluation of bovine cattle worldwide. It contains the state-of-the-art in genetic evaluation methods, as well as the most recent information on national and international implementations. Authors have an ideal forum to discuss new ideas and to challenge current genetic models. Following the Interbull Bulletin over the years presents a rich opportunity to understand how the current models were developed and how new traits were incorporated into genetic evaluations.

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No 54 (2019): Proceedings of the 2018 Interbull Technical Workshop

Dubrovnik, Croatia, August 25 - 26 2018

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Mendelian Sampling variance tests with genomic preselection PDF ()
Peter G Sullivan
Approximation of Reliability in Single Step Models using the Interbull Standardized Genomic Reliability Method PDF
Malena Erbe, Christian Edel, Eduardo CG Pimentel, Jörg Dodenhoff, Kay-Uwe Götz
SNPMace – A meta-analysis to estimate SNP effects by combining results from multiple countries PDF
M.E. Goddard, A. Jighly, H. Benhajali, H. Jorjani, Z. Liu
Multitrait Across Country Genomic Evaluations for Eurogenomics Countries ─ Research Plan and First Results PDF
Hanni Kärkkäinen, Vincent Ducrocq, Sören Borchersen, Gert P. Aamand, Esa A. Mäntysaari

ISSN: 2001-340X